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Deep Tissue Massage and Massage Therapy.

Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Massage Therapy serving Rickmansworth, Croxley, Chorleywood, Northwood and Watford

About Deep Tissue Massage and Massage Therapy

There are many different types of massage and they can be quite different. This clinic focusses on deep tissue massage and sports massage primarily because it is used as a treatment to relieve muscle tension, trigger points, stress and help with flexibility.

Deep tissue massage focusses on relaxing muscle and myofascia and is more comfortable than a sports massage. However it still has enough pressure to provide a benefit from treatment.

Our massages are carried out by specifically trained professionals who can target key areas of muscle tightness, soreness and injury. They apply knowledge of those muscles to release any tension more effectively. The therapist will always listen to your needs and work out the correct amount of pressure and adjust this throughout the treatment.

Our clinic offers professional sports massage from qualified physiotherapists for the local areas of Rickmansworth, Croxley, Chorleywood, Northwood and Watford.

If you wish to book a sports or deep tissue massage, or have any further questions about massage in the clinic please see the links below.

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