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Therapy Job Vacancies

Please see below for details of Job Vacancies

Physiotherapy, Sports Massage and Therapy Job Vacancies

We are looking for physiotherapists, sports therapists and deep tissue massage therapists who are keen to work in private practice. We are currently looking for part time staff who have a minimum of 12 months postgraduate experience in the UK and including a strong sports injuries and musculoskeletal background.

We are based on Rickmansworth High Street and have an efficient IT system and a focus on functional rehab with a self management approach. Due to our client base, strong sports massage or muscular treatment skills are beneficial as well as appropriate sports injury, massage and acupuncture qualifications.

We are looking for Saturday mornings, evenings 6-9pm and some daytime hours.

If you are interested, please contact us and provide a CV and details about relevant experience, qualifications and available working hours.

07552 155186

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